Chiropractic Philosophy

In modern medicine, health is not merely the absence of any symptoms of disease. Absence of any symptoms does not necessarily mean that there is no disease process in the body. Therefore, maintaining an optimal health, regardless of symptomatic condition, is now the new standard of health. Our body's natural ability to maintain health and heal itself is one of the very important aspects of chiropractic. If we catch a cold, our body activates the immune response in order to deal with the viral intruder and any types of physical damage is met with inflammatory and scar tissue formation and repair mechanisms. Therefore, it is extremely important to maintain proper function and health of the spinal nerves which relay these autonomic information from your brain to the rest of the body. Especially, the spinal alignment maintained by the relationship of the vertebrae and the disc is extremely important to the protection and function of the nerves which they protect.

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